Bauhaus Brew Labs | Ballast Point | Fulton | MN Craft Brewers Guild

Andrew and Schmitty are joined by MN Craft Brewers Guild Board Member Ryan Petz, Mark Schwandt from Bauhaus Brew Labs, and Gabby Rudisill from Ballast Point Brewing. Ryan talks about the forthcoming All Pints North Beer Festival, as well as Minnesota beer trends, Duluth, and Fulton Beer. Mark discusses Hair Banger, the new seasonal release from Bauhaus as well as their 2nd anniversary party. Gabby shares some new beers in Minnesota from Ballast Point (Pineapple Sculpin anyone?) as well as Ballast Point’s offerings for All Pints North.



Talking and drinking on the Minnesota BeerCast

Bauhaus Brew labs 2-year anniversary

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