Bittercube Bitters | Lake Monster Brewing | Hayes Public House | Northern Brewer

This week Andrew & Schmitty talk with Sean Cooke from Lake Monster Brewing and Nick from Bittercube about bitters and beers. Scott from Northern Brewer’s St. Paul discusses a new partnership with Pints For Prostates. Pugs Hayes from Hayes’ Public House discusses coffee and barrel-aged beers. The show wraps with a legislative update and details on Sunday Sales Pale Ale.


Bittercube Bitters
Making Your Own Bitters at Home
Bitters and Beers Event
Northern Brewer
Pints For Prostates
Sunday Sales Pale Ale
MINNPOST on Sunday Liquor Sales


Bittercube & Lake Monster Brewing

Sunday Sales Pale Ale

Nick from Bittercube and Sean Cooke from Lake Monster Brewing

Hayes' Public House and Northern Brewer