Skaalvenn Distillery

Dogfish Head | Skaalvenn Distillery | Jeffrey O’Brien

Drew and Schmitty talk with Dogfish Head, Lawyer Extraordinaire Jeffrey O’Brien, and Tyson from Skaalvenn mixes holiday cocktails.

Hot Hot Chocolate:
Hot chocolate – Splash in Skaalvenn Habanero rum to taste.

Pale Norwegian – Roughly 1.5oz Skaalvenn Vodka, 1.5oz Kahlua, 3oz heavy cream.

Trader Joe’s Skaalvenn Aquavit Thing – Roughly equal parts Skaalvenn Aquavit/Winter Wassail/Sparkling water. Optional – squeeze of lime or lemon.

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Dogfish Head - Minnesota BeerCast

Dogfish Head – Minnesota BeerCast

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