Utepils Brewing | MN Assistance Council for Veterans | Minneapolis Cider Co.

Drew & Schmitty visit Utepils for the release of a new beer, B.R.D. (Beer Ready to Drink)! B.R.D. is a Munich Style Helles which is a pale gold lager that is elegantly bright with a clean, refreshing balance. Not only is the beer delicious, 10% of proceeds go to help the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans.
The guys also speak with cider make Robert Fisk. Robert brings his skills to the newly opened Minneapolis Cider Co. You might remember Rob from when he was last on the show representing Wyndfall Cyder in Jordan, Minnesota. Rob is a tenured cider maker with a Master’s Degree in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota. Minneapolis Cider Company has plans to include three varieties of cider in the initial lineup, focusing on providing consumers a wide breadth of styles. Each of the ciders in the initial lineup are unique and the flavors are a small sample at how varied cider can be. The company’s goal is to help consumers explore new flavors and build an appreciation for cider.

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