Atmospheric Black Metal: Galadriel’s Mirror

Atmospheric Black Metal: Galadriel's Mirror

Galadriel’s Mirror is an atmospheric black metal band from Tacoma, Washington. They are different from most bands by drawing inspiration from things other than “The Lord of the Rings.” ‘Foe Hammer’ Wilson, the guitarist and lead singer, says that their unique sound comes from many of Tolkien’s books, not just “The Hobbit.”

Atmospheric Black Metal: Out of the Misty Mountains Comes an Adventure

Atmospheric Black Metal: Galadriel's Mirror

Wilson tells reviewers who put their inspirations in a box, “They often compare us to other atmospheric black metal projects. But what makes us different is that we take influence from all of Tolkien’s work, not just one or two books.” Fans are told to listen to their first record, which talks about Esgaroth and Gollum’s cave, and he tells them to do so. It’s even more amazing that Galadriel’s Mirror is working on a concept album about the life of a peasant in the Gap of Rohan before the Battle of Helm’s Deeps.

Atmospheric Black Metal: Dealing with Uncertainty in the Metal Scene

Some people in the metal community are not sure that Galadriel’s Mirror is real, though. “Galadriel’s Pool or whoever it is is such a poser,” says Mark Hadley, drummer for Erebor. He calls them names and labels them as not taking their music seriously. There is no doubt that their drummer has only ever watched movies, and not a single one of them has even read “The Silmarillion.””. Hadley expresses doubts about the band’s musical skills and says there might be a shift toward the annoying castle metal style.

Atmospheric Black Metal: Advice from Varg Vikernes, which wasn’t asked for

It’s strange that Varg Vikernes, who is famous for his work in the black metal scene? Is sharing his thoughts that have nothing to do with the subject? Meanwhile, Vikernes is deeply focused on painting figures for board games when he thinks, “The Hobbits—you know, they didn’t follow any religion.” The elves and the rest of the New World Order thought very highly of these people. Because they believed in permaculture and the framework of the family. For instance, he says that the Shirefolk’s dislike of fake joys is similar to Frodo’s refusal to give in to the one ring’s temptation. He says that we should learn from the Shirefolk’s fight.

Galadriel’s Mirror Reflection Comes Back

Erebor said they were fake, so Galadriel’s Mirror took the bait and issued a challenge. The task was a quiz about Tolkien. At this point, Erebor has not yet agreed to a date.

Finally, something to say about Tolkien’s huge world

The people at Galadriel’s Mirror determine to learn more about Tolkien’s universe. Also, all the complex details that make it up. Aside from Misty Mountains, they get ideas from many other places. Which makes the metal scene pay attention to how different their sound is. The trivia question about Tolkien is getting close, but Erebor hasn’t said if they will take it yet. If he does, the argument will settle by a battle of ideas instead of music skills.