Natalia Grace: Her Side of the Story

The Wild Tale

Remember that jaw-dropping docuseries, “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace”? Well, now Natalia herself is stepping up to spill her truth.

The Shocking Story

The series dug into this American couple’s life, claiming the little girl they adopted from Ukraine back in 2010 actually an adult with a rare dwarfism condition called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita. Sounds like something straight out of a movie, right? Fans of horror flicks might’ve felt a chill, thinking about “Orphan” from 2009.

Natalia’s Perspective

Now, in a new show called “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks,” it’s her turn to take the mic and address her adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett.

Backstory Time

So, the Barnetts seemed like your typical happy fam with three sons, decided to expand their crew by adopting this 6-year-old girl from Ukraine—Natalia. They hoped for a warm, fuzzy family addition but soon got suspicious about her age.

The Twist

According to the family, the girl they thought was a sweet kiddo turned out to be, in their words, an adult “sociopath.” Yikes! Michael Barnett spilled the beans in “The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace,” saying she tried some really dark stuff, even attempting to harm them and their other kids.

The Legal Shift

Fast forward to 2012, the Barnetts pulled some legal strings, convincing the courts to change Natalia’s age from eight to 22. They scooted her out of the family nest, setting her up in her own place.

Where Things Stand

After some legal tussles, Michael and Kristine went separate ways, facing child neglect charges. But here’s the kicker—Michael reportedly got acquitted in 2022, and the charges against Kristine were dropped the next year.

Natalia’s Take

Now, Natalia found a new family, the Mans couple, who welcomed her with open arms. And guess what? She’s ready to dish out her version of the story. She’s brushing off the allegations her adoptive parents threw her way, standing firm that she was just a kid when they brought her in.

The Confrontation

A teaser from the new series shows grown-up Natalia facing off with Michael Barnett, hitting him with the big question: “Why’d you adopt me in the first place?” His response? Well, it seems like there’s more to the story than a single answer. He paints them both as victims of the same “monster,” pointing fingers at his ex-wife and Natalia’s adoptive mom.

The Drama Unfolds

The clip wraps up with Barnett storming off after things got heated. Antwon Mans, a minister, steps in, asking him to keep it civil and respect their space. – koin303

Catch It on Max

If you’re keen on getting the full scoop, check out “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks,” now streaming on Max.